2022 Tax Filing Guide

Portal or Paper Policy

We have adopted a “portal or paper” policy. Any documents or information you need to send us should be uploaded to our secure portal, dropped off at the office, or sent to us in the mail. As your tax professional, we must abide by rules and regulations to protect your personal and financial information. Documents and information delivered via email and or through the use of password protected files is not safe. For your security, we will no longer accept or send documents via email.

Note on Dependents

If you have dependents who need to file tax returns, we strongly recommend you ask PTC to prepare them. This will allow proper coordination of tax deductions and credits available to taxpayers with dependents.

To get started, login into the Secure Portal here

  • Activate your portal and sign in. (activate account through invitation email or click “Forgot Password.” If the email address you are using to activate matches the address we have on file, you will get an email to choose your password.
  • Go to CONTRACTS from the left menu bar and click on Engagement Letter. Review the contents of the engagement letter, click in the e-sign field at the bottom, then enter your name. Click inside the I agree to the terms above checkbox, then click SIGN. The date is automatically added.
  • Go to ORGANIZERS from the left menu bar and click on Questionnaire. You will have a Return Client Questionnaire if you are a current client. You will have a New Client Questionnaire if you are a new client. We are required to collect this information from you to prepare your return in the most accurate manner possible.
  • Provide all TAX FORMS via the secure portal, drop them off at the office or mail them to the office. Review forms received to make sure you aren’t missing any! There is no way for PTC to know if you are missing forms.


Let us know when you have submitted all your documents AND completed the questionnaire by emailing us!

Once we have received all your documents, signed engagement letter, and completed questionnaire, our goal is to complete your return in 10 business days or less.

  • We will contact you with questions or missing documents.
  • We will contact you with the results of your return.
  • We will contact you when your return is ready for signing.
  • Sign for your return either in our office or using e-signature. We can mail you documents for your signature for an additional $5 mailing fee.
  • Pay for your services either in office or by paying an invoice located in the Invoices section of your portal.
  • Once you have signed for your return and paid your tax preparation fee, we will electronically file your return. All returns will be e-filed within 72 hours after signing and payment.
  • If your return is rejected, we will contact you ASAP. Otherwise, your return has been filed and accepted!
  • If you had refund, watch your bank account for your deposit. You can track the progress of your federal refund here.
  • If you owed taxes, follow-up with your payments. You can mail in a check/money order along with a paper payment coupon OR you can pay online. Check here for online payment instructions.
  • Download or save a copy of your return from the Secure Portal (or file your paper copy for safekeeping).